Challenge Blog 12 – Water Conservation

In class we built our very own rain barrels. We were then asked to write about our experience building the rain barrels. I thought that building our own rain barrels in class was a really cool idea. It was neat to learn how to build the rain barrels, learn the benefits of rain barrels, and be able to all work together and build them. The jobs I was given to do was to sand the outside of the rain barrels and screw in some of the parts in the rain barrel after we drilled a few holes. I think that rain barrels are such a great idea and they are very easy to build.

Once the rain barrels are all ready, we have to sign up for a time to go to the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department to add our name and handprint onto the rain barrels that we built. We have not been notified that the rain barrels are ready for us yet so I have not been able to go do that yet.

There are many ways that anyone can conserve water. We were also asked to think of three ways to conserve water and practice those ways for at least 24 hours. One way is to take a shorter shower. I am one of those people that takes way too long of showers. By taking less time in the shower, I can conserve a lot of water. I think that is the way I waste the most amount of water. Another way is to not run the water while washing dishes. While doing dishes here in my dorm, I normally keep the water running while I wash the dishes so I can then rinse them right away. Now I am going to fill the sink with water, wash the dishes, and then turn the water on to rinse the dishes. A third way to conserve water is to do less laundry. I used to do laundry once a week even when I did not have a full load of laundry to do. This is a huge waste of water because it means a lot of small loads of laundry instead of a few large loads. Now I only do laundry when I have full loads.


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